Sunday, December 1, 2013

New ECOGOLD Website and Calmatech™ Saddle Pad
Visit our brand new website and learn about our new line of saddle pads for sensitive horses, the Calmatech™ Saddle Pad made with Calmatech™ Medical Fleece which reduces friction and pressure at points of contact, improves air circulation and dissipates moisture away from the skin to alleviate discomfort and irritation.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Amazing Results from Ecogold Saddle Pads in Pressure Scans!

Wow! Independent, Certified Saddle Fitter Brita Rizzi of Dynamic Equine Saddle Fitting recently shared the results of tests that she conducted with a pressure scanner, and the results are clear: ECOGOLD saddle pads and half pads reduce pressure on the horse’s back under a variety of circumstances.

Rizzi, who has an excellent reputation in the industry, uses the technology in her regular saddle fittings and decided to give it a try for testing ECOGOLD pads. ECOGOLD did not order or participate in the testing in any way. The independent saddle fitter was curious to see if the high-tech saddle pads live up to their reputation when put to the test. Needless to say she was very impressed with the result.

"I did quite an array of comparison pressure scans with ECOGOLD saddle pads and the results are amazing," said Rizzi, "It even improved the fit of a way too tightly fitting saddle. Usually, extra saddle pads make it a lot worse since you are creating more bulk under an already too-narrow tree. Another impressive feature is that ECOGOLD half pads stay up in the gullet and don't come pressing down on the horse's withers."

Here are the results

As the result of a scan using a pressure saddle pad that is contoured to the horse’s back and consists of 256 thin sensors sewn into a textile-like material, computerized images are generated that show that pressure is greatly reduced when using the ECOGOLD Secure™ saddle pad, most notably in comparison with a plain cotton saddle pad.

“While we were amazed looking at the results of these pressure scans, we weren’t that surprised at the superior performance of ECOGOLD half pads and saddle pads,” said Patricia Da Silva, ECOGOLD’s Marketing VP. “Our expertise in textile engineering and high-tech materials, results in innovative products that make a leap forward in the protection of your horse.”

The products tested were Ecogold's Memory Foam Triple Protection Half Pad and the Secure line of Saddle pads, shown in the images below. Ecogold's Forward Flap Hunter Saddle Pad and the Stabilizer half pad offer the same impact protection as the Secure Saddle pad.
Ecogold Triple Protection Half Pad - Click on the image for info
Secure line of saddle pads - click on the image for info

Much more information about pressure scan testing is available at Rizzi’s website.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ECOGOLD Saddle Pads, The Choice of Top Riders at the Burghley Horse Trials

William Fox-Pitt, photo by Tracy Porter
Top riders competing at The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials CCI4* in England will have something in common: their ECOGOLD saddle pads. ECOGOLD North American sponsored riders at this year’s Burghley Horse Trials CCI**** include Sinead Halpin, Boyd Martin, Kyle Carter, Jessica Phoenix and Hawley Bennett. ECOGOLD is also supplying saddle pads to the Land Rover US Eventing Teams competing at Burghley and Blenheim (England), Boekelo (the Netherlands) and the Pan-Am Games (Mexico).

"Christmas came early to Gladstone; the boxes kept coming!” said Sara Ike, Managing Director of Eventing for the USEF. “Our Land Rover Eventing Team will be using crisp new saddle pads. ECOGOLD went above and beyond."

Ecogold Saddle Pads are also used by Burghley competitors William Fox-Pitt, Lucinda Fredericks, Hamish Cargill and Dag Albert. “The ECOGOLD Saddle Pads are fast becoming a competition favourite for me,” said William Fox-Pitt, World and British leading Three-Day Event Rider. “It is imperative that my horses remain comfortable during their work and the fantastic non-slip, breathable fabric ensures just that, whilst also looking extremely smart.”

The choice of leading three-day event riders, the ECOGOLD Secure Saddle pad is specially designed to improve the safety, comfort and performance of horse and rider. This means no slipping and no sliding, even in the worst conditions!

"In addition to our sponsorship of individual riders, it is a great honour to supply the US and Canadian Eventing Team's official saddle pads for international competitions. It proves a great confidence in ECOGOLD products," said Marketing Director Patricia Da Silva of ECOGOLD.

“We absolutely love riding in the ECOGOLD pads,” said Lucinda Fredericks. “Whilst being cool and breathable for the horse, the non-slip properties mean they sit brilliantly on the horse and distribute any pressure evenly. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

The 100% breathable high-density foam in the seat area protects the horse's back from impact without adding extra bulk while the ergonomic shape and ultra-thin flaps provide the rider with a more stable position. The high-tech, 100% breathable materials quickly evaporate moisture away, keeping the horse cool and dry, even on the hottest days.

About Ecogold

ECOGOLD is a Canadian textile engineering company making innovative saddle pads and horse boots to improve your horses’ safety, comfort and performance. For more information or to order ECOGOLD saddle pads, please visit or call 1-866-432-6465.

by Amber Heintzberger

Sunday, July 24, 2011

*Helmet Cam Alert* Hawley Bennett and Gin & Juice - Cross-Country Ride at Rebecca Farm

Congrats to Ecogold-rider and good friend Hawley Bennett and Gin & Juice for winning the 3* at Rebecca Farm!!! And she wore a helmet cam. Enjoy the ride!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Great rides with ECOGOLD pads: "We had fun and felt totally secure"

We just received this email from a client:

Having ridden with several non-slip pads before, my expectations of the Jumper "secure" pad were not overly high. I was very pleasantly surprised to experience otherwise!

I showed my young TB gelding at his first jumper show this weekend, which is usually more "hairy" than jumping a bigger fence with a more experienced horse! I used a combination of the Secure Jumping pad and the Memory Foam Triple Protection pad

Because Sensation Treeless saddles require a little more firm support padding than a traditional saddle, the combination was perfect for me. I didn't budge. I was so impressed at the stability even with the huge overjumps my athletic 17 h horse threw at me, that I told my student to borrow it for the Derby class, which incorporates Cross Country fences as well as stadium fences. 

Up and down, over all types of fences, it stayed put! She paired it with her current half pad, and rode the best ride ever on her little horse. We're not Olympians, nor are we even classed with "the big guys" at the show, jumping 3'6" +... yet! But we had fun and felt totally secure. 

Thought I'd send along a couple photos for you. I love the one of the leg/pad combo where a friend captured my horse and I sizing up the jumps during warmup. It shows my Sensation English trail (the only Canadian-made Treeless Saddle) right beside the Canadian flag on the pad.... how perfect! 

The other photo is of Mikaela riding Lacey over a spread fence.

Thank you Melissa for your great feedback!!! :)