Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What is success?

For those of you in a rut or in need of uplifting, here's an inspiring video to help you stay motivated. (PS- the beginning is similar to our Challenge video but the rest is new. We hope you will enjoy it!

A tour of Brookhaven Dressage - Jacquie Brooks' new barn

We bring you inside as Canadian Dressage Olympian Jacquie Brooks, who rides in ECOGOLD's Frictionless Saddle pads, gives us a tour of her fabulous new training facility north of Toronto, ON. Open in early 2009, it has been a labor of love as an old cattle-reining horse farm was transformed in a super modern dressage training facility which will help Jacquie and her students (aka Team Brooks) reach new heights!

The Barn is heated so the horses are all warm and cozy and the ventilation system through the ceiling keeps the air fresh.

Happy Horse:

Grooms hard at work:

Wall of Fame:

Tucker, the barn manager, supervising the grooms

Jacquie's secret weapon: Ecogold saddle pads!


Gran Gesto in his luxury suite:

Milestone likes the new place

Jacquie working hard in the arena (as seen from the lounge)

Very modern and comfortable lounge

Tucker says: "Thank you for visiting!"

Amy Jager and Jive going to FEI YR World Cup!

Amy Jager has been selected to be Canada's sole representative at 2009 FEI Young Rider Dressage World Cup Final in Frankfurt, Germany on December 16-20. Amy, who rides in ECOGOLD's Stabilizer Dressage saddle pads, will be writing a blog as she experiences this great adventure. Here's the link to her blog, so you can follow her journey and send her good wishes:

And here's a video of Amy and Jive's Freestyle from Blainville, part of a successful season that allowed them to qualify for the NAYRC and paved the way for the 2009 FEI Young Rider World Cup. Good luck Amy and Jive!!!

George Morris Showjumping Session - Symposium DAY 3

Here are the last videos from the 2009 National Coaching Symposium with George Morris' Showjumping session, featuring Canadian Eventing Team members Diana Burnett on Manny (4* horse) and Karl Slezak on Charlie Farley. Enjoy!
Part 1/4

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4 - George Morris is riding Manny, Diana Burnett's 4* horse