Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ecogold Sponsors Three Teams Including Silver Medal Winning Canadian Eventing Team at 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

Press release and Photo credit - Amber Heintzberger

October 3, 2010 -- Lexington, Kentucky -- Ecogold is the proud sponsor of the silver medal-winning Canadian three-day eventing team and the fourth-placed US eventing team as well as the Canadian dressage team at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Canadian eventing team, including Hawley Bennett, Kyle Carter, Selena O’Hanlon and Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch as well as Canadian individuals Rebecca Howard and Jessica Phoenix used Ecogold saddle pads for all three phases of the eventing championship. Riders raved about the quality and technical superiority of Ecogold saddle pads as well as the outstanding support that they receive from the company.

Rebecca Howard said, “We use Ecogold pads for all three phases and they are fabulous! The cross-country pad is the one that I am especially excited about. They look classy and they don’t move.”

Howard also commented on the success of the Canadian riders at WEG, “What do you say? We’re all thrilled! Everybody just did their job and it worked out like it is supposed to.”

Canadian team member Hawley Bennett-Awad said, “Ecogold has been a huge factor in the Canadian team. The horses look beautiful and the saddle pads are amazing. People have been asking about them all through the competition. We just got the ‘Who Dat?’ award here at WEG, but I think that at the London 2012 Olympic Games we will be a team to look out for!”

Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch said, “Patricia from Ecogold has been amazing. I ride in a custom saddle that’s gigantic and Ecogold had special pads made; they have been great supporting all of us. I love the way the pads fit the saddle and the horses’ backs have stayed cool and didn’t get sore at all during this strenuous competition.”

Ecogold also sponsors the US eventing team of Phillip Dutton, Boyd Martin, Buck Davidson and Karen O’Connor as well as individual competitor Becky Holder.

Top US finisher Boyd Martin said, “Galloping around the enormous and somewhat terrifying cross-course at the WEG, I was confident that my horse’s back would be comfortable and my saddle would stay put thanks to my Ecogold saddle pad. The company has been very supportive not only during the WEG but of my riding career here in the USA.”

Incidentally, popular Australian rider Peter Atkins, who wears a helmet camera to film his rides, also rides his horse Henry Jota Hampton in an Ecogold cross-country pad. Atkins’ slogan “Run Henny Run” is printed on hats and T-shirts and was mentioned several times on the televised broadcast of the championships.

The Canadian dressage team included Ashley Holzer, Belinda Trussell, Bonny Bonnello and Victoria Winter. Holzer placed eighth in the Grand Prix Freestyle at the WEG.

As well as supporting these teams, Ecogold sponsors nine of these riders, who dominated their team selections for the World Equestrian Games, on an ongoing basis. Ecogold also sponsors leading show jumping rider McLain Ward, who is competing on the US show jumping team at the WEG.

In addition to saddle pads, Ecogold manufactures open-front horse boots, cross-country horse boots, and dressage boots.

Ecogold is comprised of a team of experts in the field of textile engineering with more than 40 years experience in high-performance materials. All Ecogold products are made in a company-owned factory in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to ensure the best quality materials and workmanship.

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