Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Amazing Results from Ecogold Saddle Pads in Pressure Scans!

Wow! Independent, Certified Saddle Fitter Brita Rizzi of Dynamic Equine Saddle Fitting recently shared the results of tests that she conducted with a pressure scanner, and the results are clear: ECOGOLD saddle pads and half pads reduce pressure on the horse’s back under a variety of circumstances.

Rizzi, who has an excellent reputation in the industry, uses the technology in her regular saddle fittings and decided to give it a try for testing ECOGOLD pads. ECOGOLD did not order or participate in the testing in any way. The independent saddle fitter was curious to see if the high-tech saddle pads live up to their reputation when put to the test. Needless to say she was very impressed with the result.

"I did quite an array of comparison pressure scans with ECOGOLD saddle pads and the results are amazing," said Rizzi, "It even improved the fit of a way too tightly fitting saddle. Usually, extra saddle pads make it a lot worse since you are creating more bulk under an already too-narrow tree. Another impressive feature is that ECOGOLD half pads stay up in the gullet and don't come pressing down on the horse's withers."

Here are the results

As the result of a scan using a pressure saddle pad that is contoured to the horse’s back and consists of 256 thin sensors sewn into a textile-like material, computerized images are generated that show that pressure is greatly reduced when using the ECOGOLD Secure™ saddle pad, most notably in comparison with a plain cotton saddle pad.

“While we were amazed looking at the results of these pressure scans, we weren’t that surprised at the superior performance of ECOGOLD half pads and saddle pads,” said Patricia Da Silva, ECOGOLD’s Marketing VP. “Our expertise in textile engineering and high-tech materials, results in innovative products that make a leap forward in the protection of your horse.”

The products tested were Ecogold's Memory Foam Triple Protection Half Pad and the Secure line of Saddle pads, shown in the images below. Ecogold's Forward Flap Hunter Saddle Pad and the Stabilizer half pad offer the same impact protection as the Secure Saddle pad.
Ecogold Triple Protection Half Pad - Click on the image for info
Secure line of saddle pads - click on the image for info

Much more information about pressure scan testing is available at Rizzi’s website.