Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What is success?

For those of you in a rut or in need of uplifting, here's an inspiring video to help you stay motivated. (PS- the beginning is similar to our Challenge video but the rest is new. We hope you will enjoy it!

A tour of Brookhaven Dressage - Jacquie Brooks' new barn

We bring you inside as Canadian Dressage Olympian Jacquie Brooks, who rides in ECOGOLD's Frictionless Saddle pads, gives us a tour of her fabulous new training facility north of Toronto, ON. Open in early 2009, it has been a labor of love as an old cattle-reining horse farm was transformed in a super modern dressage training facility which will help Jacquie and her students (aka Team Brooks) reach new heights!

The Barn is heated so the horses are all warm and cozy and the ventilation system through the ceiling keeps the air fresh.

Happy Horse:

Grooms hard at work:

Wall of Fame:

Tucker, the barn manager, supervising the grooms

Jacquie's secret weapon: Ecogold saddle pads!


Gran Gesto in his luxury suite:

Milestone likes the new place

Jacquie working hard in the arena (as seen from the lounge)

Very modern and comfortable lounge

Tucker says: "Thank you for visiting!"

Amy Jager and Jive going to FEI YR World Cup!

Amy Jager has been selected to be Canada's sole representative at 2009 FEI Young Rider Dressage World Cup Final in Frankfurt, Germany on December 16-20. Amy, who rides in ECOGOLD's Stabilizer Dressage saddle pads, will be writing a blog as she experiences this great adventure. Here's the link to her blog, so you can follow her journey and send her good wishes:

And here's a video of Amy and Jive's Freestyle from Blainville, part of a successful season that allowed them to qualify for the NAYRC and paved the way for the 2009 FEI Young Rider World Cup. Good luck Amy and Jive!!!

George Morris Showjumping Session - Symposium DAY 3

Here are the last videos from the 2009 National Coaching Symposium with George Morris' Showjumping session, featuring Canadian Eventing Team members Diana Burnett on Manny (4* horse) and Karl Slezak on Charlie Farley. Enjoy!
Part 1/4

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4 - George Morris is riding Manny, Diana Burnett's 4* horse

Monday, November 30, 2009

Cross-country Technical Skills Session with David O'Connor - Symposium DAY 2

Cross-country Technical Skills for CCI2* and CCI3*, featuring some of Canada's top riders and horses at the 2009 National Coaching Symposium with George Morris, Ingrid Klimke and David O'Connor. Riders are in ECOGOLD's Secure saddle pad. Enjoy the videos!
Part 1/4

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4

1m40 Jumping Session - George Morris, Ingrid Klimke and David O'Connor Symposium

Video of 1m40 Jumping Session with George Morris, Ingrid Klimke and David O'Connor at the 2009 National Coaching Symposium, organized by Equine Canada. Erynn Ballard is riding Miss Lilly

Monday, November 23, 2009

DAY 2 - Warming up for Jumping, Riding Demonstration with George Morris, David O'Connor and Ingrid Klimke

Day 2 of 2009 Canadian Eventing National Coaching Symposium. Warming up for Jumping - Riding Demonstration Module with George Morris, David O'Connor and Ingrid Klimke.
George Morris

David O'Connor riding Miss Lilly, Erynn Ballard's mare

George Morris, comments after the demonstration

Ingrid Klimke and David O'Connor's comments

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Symposium George Morris, Ingrid Klimke and David O'Connor - Dressage DAY 1

The most anticipated eventing symposium has begun and here are a few videos from day 1. Dressage Session with Ingrid Klimke and David O'Connor.
Diana Burnett and Shigatzi - CCI2* dressage test, warm-up and test

Jessica Phoenix and Exploring - CCI3* dressage test

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A great Royal Winter Fair

It was our first time with a trade stand at the Royal Winter Fair and we had a blast! It was 11 days working very loooong hours but we saw lots of friends, had Meet & Greets with ECOGOLD riders and were also able to sneak out to catch a bit of the action.
Enjoy our pictures and videos!

Autograph session with double Olympic Gold Medalist McLain Ward.
Canada's Dressage Stars meet fans at the ECOGOLD stand after the Grand Prix

Here are some video highlights!
Team Challenge - McLain and Charlie Jayne jump clear, riding in ECOGOLD pads, and help USA win the Team Challenge! Here's McLain and Phillipa's ride.

Grand Prix Freestyle: Ashley Holzer wins, Denielle Gallagher 3rd, Jacquie Brooks and Cheryl Meisner finish 4th, all riding in ECOGOLD pads:
Ashley Holzer's ride

Denielle Gallagher and Abrikos

Cheryl Meisner and Paganini

Jackie Brooks and Balmoral

and here's some fun and silly stuff!
the Canine/Equine Challenge winner

Pas de Deux: "Dressage meets Cowboy" with Gillian Sutherland riding in ECOGOLD pads

Indoor eventing - Diana Burnett

Indoor eventing - Jessica Phoenix

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holiday Promotion: Buy 1 pad, get 2nd at 50%

ECOGOLD makes it easy to be generous this Holiday Season. Buy an ECOGOLD saddle pad for your trainer, vet or another equestrian friend and get a second item of equal or lesser value at 1/2 price. This is the perfect way to reward yourself “one gift for my trainer, one for ME!” without any of the guilt. ;)
Your friend lives far away? No problem! ECOGOLD will wrap your gift and ship it to another location! Take advantage of this incredible Holiday Promotion and put an ECOGOLD pad under the tree!

This promotion is valid on orders placed by phone, email or online at from Nov.1 to Dec.15.
Call Toll-free to order: 1-866-432-6465 or from UK 0808 1013 511.

ECOGOLD will ship free of charge all orders in North America with UPS Standard service. Don't miss this great opportunity!

Ecogold sponsors symposium with George Morris, Ingrid Klimke and David O'Connor

Ecogold is very excited to sponsor Canadian Eventing’s National Coaching Symposium on Nov. 21-23 at the Royal Canadian Riding Academy near Toronto, Canada.
It will feature three equestrian legends: George Morris, chef d’√©quipe of the USET Showjumping team, 2008 Olympic Team Gold medalist Ingrid Klimke and David O’Connor, Canadian Eventing Team’s International Technical Advisor. The symposium will combine practical sessions with riders in ECOGOLD's Saddle pads and panel discussions.
On November 22nd, there will be a special evening panel discussion on "Hong Kong Coaching Strategies" facilitated by Peter Gray with special guests including Terrace Millar, Chef d’Equipe of the Canadian Showjumping Team.
What an amazing opportunity for riders and coaches to learn from the world’s best!
Click here for registration details!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fair Hill - CCI** Showjumping videos

A spectacular finish! After leading in dressage and a perfect cross-country ride, Hannah Sue Burnett and St Barts win 2009 Fair Hill CCI** with an unforgettable ride!!!

Karen O'Connor and Allstar - finished 5th

Phillip Dutton and Isabella II

Karl Slezak and Watson's Shelbreen

Lillian Heard and Share Option

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boyd Martin wins Fair Hill, Karen 2nd, Phillip 4th!

The sun shined for Boyd Martin with a win on Neville Bardos and a 6th place on Remington XXV at the Fair Hill International CCI3*. Riders in ECOGOLD saddle pads did an amazing job, with 5 in the top 7!! Here are some videos...

Boyd Martin and Neville Bardos - 1st place

Karen O'Connor and Mandiba - 2nd place

Phillip Dutton and Kheops du Quesnay - 4th place

Boyd Martin and Remington XXV - 6th place

Sharon White and Rafferty's Rules - 7th place

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fair Hill 2009 - freezing, wet and muddy!

We've been at Fair Hill International CCI since Thursday and the weather has not been cooperating. Everyone is shivering and covered in mud head to toe. Several riders decided to call it a day before the cross-country and not risk an injury. Thankfully, the ones that braved the difficult conditions all made it safely (there were a few falls but nothing serious). ECOGOLD sponsored riders shined! Boyd Martin finished in 1st place and Karen O'Connor and Phillip Dutton tied for second. Here are some videos from today's cross-country and a couple of dressage videos. Enjoy!
Boyd Martin and Remington:

Karen O'Connor and Mandiba:

Phillip Dutton and Kheops du Quesnay:

Kelly List and Mistral - CCI3*:

Boyd Martin and Neville Bardos - CCI3* Dressage:

Karen O'Connor and Allstar - CCI2* Dressage:

Monday, September 14, 2009

McLain Ward & Sapphire win the $1,000,000 Grand Prix at Spruce Meadows!

McLain & Sapphire, who ride in ECOGOLD's Forward Flap Hunter pad, showed they were the best of the best at Spruce Meadows, winning the $1,000,000 CN International Grand Prix, by 0.2 seconds in the jump-off. Wow!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Burghley: Phillip 4th, Oliver Townend wins!

Videos from Burghley Horse Trials' spectacular showjumping finale where British favorite Oliver Townend signed, sealed & delivered his victory. Ecogold-sponsored rider Phillip Dutton finished in 4th place with TruLuck. Buck finished in 11th (came up from 16th) and will undergo surgery for his hernia in the US on Wednesday...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 3: Cross-country madness!

Early this morning, the road to Burghley was jammed with cars as far as your eyes could see. Plus the train station was closed for maintenance (excellent timing from the National Railway Co. to choose the busiest weekend of the year to do repairs...)so they had buses instead of trains, which clogged the roads even more. Once at the show, it was difficult to walk there were sooo many people. I'm sure I stepped on a few feet, maybe even a couple of chihuahuas. Anyhow, it was a perfect, sunny day to watch cross-country. The course seemed to be very technical & and not many riders were able to finish clean under the time allowed.
ok, here are a few videos! I should have more tomorrow. - Patricia

Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 2: Gusty winds & a 7th place for Allison!

Day 2 at Burghley was super nice sunny day, except for the gale-force winds. Ok, I'm no meteorologist but it felt like hurricane Bill had decided to cross the pond. At a certain point, I even had to take off my hat, I was so afraid it would end up in the dressage ring while someone was competing.
The nice surprise today was the great perfomance from Allison Springer & Arthur who scored 47.3 to place 7th overall. Yay!!!
Tomorrow is cross-country day and Emma Ford (Phillip's super-groom)suggested I go film near jump 14-15 to get a nice view of a few jumps. That sounds great except it looks like 25 miles away, across a bridge, up a hill...I hope they have nice Land Rovers to take us there! My feet are seriouly killing me from getting lost around the 600+ shops.
Enjoy today's videos!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Burghley Day 1: Phillip in the lead!!

So I have finally arrived at Burghley (see how pretty it is on picture above) and on the first day, Phillip Dutton gets 1st place and Karen O'Connor 6th (out of a field of 49 riders). What a great start!! The show is really well organized with a giant screen outside the arena with live scoring so you never miss any of the action. The shopping is incredible with more stores than I have ever seen at an outdoor horse show - there's everything from pillows to traditional woven baskets. The weather has been typical English/Canadian weather that changes every 5 minutes.
On a personal note, my new UK cell phone spent the day browsing the web, wasting all the $40 of minutes I had just bought...
ok, enjoy today's videos!! - Patricia

Friday, August 28, 2009

Secure saddle pad - the choice of US Team at Burghley

Top US riders competing at Burghley CCI4* will be riding in ECOGOLD's newest saddle pad, the Secure™ Saddle pad, specially designed to improve the safety, comfort & performance of horse and rider.

- No Slipping, no sliding! The non-slip material at the top and underside keeps the saddle secure, reducing pressure on the girth & breast plate and making the horse more comfortable.
- Quick moisture evaporation! The high-tech Air-Knit fabric has a waffle-like texture which doubles the moisture evaporation surface to keep the horse cool & dry.
- Impact protection without compromise! The 100% breathable high-density foam in the seat area protects the horse's back from impact without adding bulk.
- Innovative design for a better rider position! There is no foam on the flaps, for the closest possible leg contact and a more stable riding position.

The Secure™ Saddle pad is priced at $160. Available in cross-country, dressage and jumping styles.
To order Call Toll-Free 1-866-432-6465 or visit our website: SECURE SADDLE PAD

See technical video explaining the pad at Phillip Dutton's Eventing Academy.

See the pad in action with Buck Davidson riding Ballynoe Castle

More from Burghley! We will be posting daily updates & videos on this blog as we follow the US team:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

John French wins USHJA Hunter Derby!

John French & Rumba, riding in ECOGOLD's Forward Flap Hunter pad, won the 100K USHJA International Hunter Derby in Lexington, KY. John and his dazzling grey wowed the crowds, scoring a perfect 400 points and claiming the classic round victory on Friday. On Saturday, they returned to post a beautiful performance that clinched the victory. Enjoy John & Rumba's winning performance!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dressage Masters CDI5* at Hickstead

Our trip to the Dressage Masters at Hickstead was fantastic. We had the chance to promote our products in England, cheer for ECOGOLD-rider Ashley Holzer and see amazing performances and a world record-performance by Edward Gal.
Here are some Freestyle videos we hope you will enjoy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dressage Masters CDI 5* - Grand Prix videos

Here are a few more videos we took at Hickstead. ECOGOLD-sponsored rider Ashley Holzer, who rides in our Frictionless saddle pads, finished 5th and was the top-ranked North American. The level of competition was incredible, as you can see in the other 2 videos: Edward Gal & Moorlands Totilas and hometown favorite Laura Bechtolsheimer & Mistral Hojris.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dressage Masters CDI5*- Edward Gal's world record

So, we came to Hickstead to support Ashley Holzer, who rides in ECOGOLD's Frictionless saddle pad, and to promote our products in the UK, when we were witnesses to an amazing performance by Edward Gal scoring 89.40 on his Freestyle and establishing a world record. Wow! Normally, I post our videos chronologically but since everyone wants to see this one, here it goes and I will put the other ones later. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dutton Eventing Academy - 2009

Last week, we were invited to Phillip Dutton's Eventing Academy. Students live a very unique experience of 5 extensive-days of training, presentations & social events with two-time Olympic Gold Medallist Phillip Dutton & his team at True Prospect Farm. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many of the students and it was wonderful to be part of it. Here are a few videos we made the day we spent there - Enjoy!

Cross-country training: Facing a challenge at the water jump.

Here's our presentation: How saddle pads affect safety & performance.

How to fit a saddle to different horses without a custom saddle.

Here is Emma Ford, Phillip Dutton's groom, sharing her grooming secrets with the students.
How to avoid boot rubs:
Her Sunday morning show routine:

Voila! If you want to know more about the camp, here's a link to a blog from one of the participants: Cherie & Katchi get Duttonized

ECOGOLD's Weekly Challenge

ECOGOLD products are used by riders at all levels, from pony club kids to top Olympians. Every week in July, ECOGOLD challenges you to become a better rider, whether you earn top ribbons or just enjoy riding for pleasure. We felt it important to celebrate your passion for horses with a video tribute and a very special contest where you could win a Stabilizer Half-pad (1 winner every week!). Watch video for contest details!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lake Placid - top ribbons in the hunter ring!

We were happy to see more and more ECOGOLD pads in Lake Placid, with riders earning top ribbons in the hunter ring. Here are some videos featuring leading hunter rider Scott Stewart, who rides in the Forward Flap Hunter Pad.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Blainville: Grand Prix Freestyle

More Ecogold pads in action at Blainville as Jacquie Brooks & Grand Gesto and Simone Williams & Wunder Ein competed in the Grand Prix Freestyle yesterday afternoon. Jacquie is riding in the Frictionless saddle pad and Simone in ECOGOLD's Stabilizer saddle pad. Enjoy their great rides!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Freestyles from Blainville - Amy Jager

Earlier today, Amy Jager competed in the FEI Young Rider Freestyle class riding two horses, Jive and Key West, in ECOGOLD's Stabilizer saddle pads. She will be representing Canada at the North American Young Rider Championships, in Kentucky, riding Key West. Here are the videos of her rides earlier today:

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nancy MacLachlan & Deniros Tyme win FEI PSG at Blainville!

Nancy MacLachlan & Deniros Tyme win the FEI Prix St-Georges on June 19, 2009. Riding in ECOGOLD's Stabilizer dressage pad, they won with a score of 64.737. Well done!

Blainville CDI: Jacquie Brooks wins Grand Prix!

Riding in ECOGOLD saddle pads, Jacqueline Brooks and her Olympic mount Gran Gesto won the Grand Prix at Blainville yesterday, beating a field of 11 competitors. The win marked Brooks’ first major outing of 2009 season as Gran Gesto had not been in the show ring since the Royal in November.
"My horse was fresh, fresh, fresh,” said Brooks after winning the class with a score of 66.894%. “I was shocked by how excited he was, but I’m thrilled that he’s still so enthusiastic to compete.”
Watch the video of their ride:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bromont CCI*** - Cross-country

Here are a few videos of riders in ECOGOLD saddle pads competing in the CCI***. Enjoy!

Bromont CCI** - Phillip Dutton & Dario

Here is a video of Phillip Dutton & Dario competing in the CCI** at Bromont.

Bromont XC - CCI*

Here are two videos of ECOGOLD-sponsored rider Boyd Martin in the CCI*. Boyd rides in the new SECURE saddle pad, specially designed to improve safety on rigorous cross-country rides (not on website yet!).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bromont CCI - Day 1

It was nice to catch up with ECOGOLD sponsored riders Phillip Dutton & Boyd Martin and all our eventing friends at Bromont. We will have a booth there all weekend, so come say hello if you are in the neighbourhood.

Here's a video of Boyd's dressage test riding Aberjoy.

Jane Savoie Clinic - Ottawa, ON

It was wonderful to finally meet World-renowned Olympic coach, author and speaker Jane Savoie, who has been riding in ECOGOLD's Stabilizer Dressage saddle pads for a few years. She gave a clinic last weekend at Northern Equestrian Centre in Ottawa, sponsored by ECOGOLD.

The clinic was phenomenal! Positive training with a positive attitude. Two thumbs up for Jane, a wonderful teacher who simplifies the complicated and puts riders & horses at ease. (kudos to Aliy Brebner & Trish Roberts, organizers-in-chief).

All riders at the clinic rode in ECOGOLD's WitherCare saddle pads.

Here are some photos of the event:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Part 3/3 Boyd Martin wins Jersey Fresh CIC***!

Here are the last three videos from ECOGOLD-sponsored riders at the Jersey Fresh CIC***, in their riding order. Molly Rosin & Havarah's Charly, Phillip Dutton & Tru Luck and the big winner Boyd Martin & Belmont!

Here's Molly & Charly, who finished 7th in their first CIC***, riding in ECOGOLD's WitherCare saddle pad.

Phillip & Tru Luck

And the winner: Boyd Martin & Belmont!

Part 2/3 Jersey Fresh - CIC***

Here are the first videos from the CIC*** cross-country, in their riding order Boyd Martin & Rock on Roses and Phillip Dutton & Keops du Quesnay.

In the first video, Boyd Martin is riding Rock On Roses, owned by Bruce Davidson. Boyd is wearing Bruce's colors, his helmet cover and body protector from the 1978 World Equestrian Games and as always, ECOGOLD's WitherCare saddle pads.

Here is Phillip Dutton, riding Keops du Quesnay:

Part 1/3 - News & videos from Jersey Fresh

Jersey Fresh was a show of ups and downs and mixed emotions. Sadly, Phillip Dutton had a fall on the cross-country course with Bailey Wick, in which the horse was fatally injured. On the other hand, we saw great successes from Boyd Martin who won the Jersey Fresh CIC*** with Belmont and Molly Rosin, finishing 7th in her first CIC*** with Havarah's Charly.
Here are a couple of videos from Boyd's cross-country CCI** and CCI*** rides.

On this new video, Boyd is testing the final prototype of an upcoming XC saddle pad. It will be in the market in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Video Steffen Peters' Clinic - Grand Prix horse

Here are the four last videos of the OADG clinic by World Dressage Champion Steffen Peters featuring Canadian Young Rider Annie Desranleau & her Grand Prix horse Maguin. ECOGOLD sponsored the clinic and all the riders had WitherCare Dressage saddle pads, specially made for the event.

Annie rides on the first video and then Steffen gets on Maguin & works his magic. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Video Steffen Peters' clinic - Andrea Bresee

Here are three more videos of this weekend's OADG clinic by World Dressage Champion Steffen Peters featuring 2007 Pan Am Dressage Team Silver Medalist Andrea Bresee & Discansano. ECOGOLD sponsored the clinic and all the riders had WitherCare Dressage saddle pads, specially made for the event.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Video Steffen Peters' clinic - LEVEL 3 horses

Enjoy the first two videos of this weekend's OADG clinic with World Dressage Champion Steffen Peters. ECOGOLD sponsored the clinic and all the riders had WitherCare Dressage saddle pads, specially made for the event.

OADG's Steffen Peters Clinic

It was a real pleasure to sponsor OADG's Steffen Peters clinic at the RCMP Arena in Ottawa this weekend . We were thrilled to be there, as were all the auditors & riders. It was a great opportunity for them to get one-on-one instruction from the current World Champion. We were surprised to see him get on almost all the horses. As he explained, it was easier for him to understand the horse from the saddle than from the ground. It was a real treat to see him in action and reveal his training secrets.

The riders received new WitherCare Dressage saddle pads and another one was presented to Steffen by John Da Silva, ECOGOLD's president, as a "welcome to Canada gift".

We will be posting some video of the clinic later this week.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IMPACT: Protect your horse's back!

Watch our latest video! We take a comprehensive look at the issue, exploring the causes and ways to prevent impact.

Some riders think that piling up layers or using thick saddle pads will protect their horses back from impact. Wrong!
When our clients come to us with issues, as textile engineers, we start by trying to find the root cause of the problem. Then, we find solutions that address the cause instead of “patching it up”. The marketplace is filled with all kinds of bad ideas so you will save yourself some money by taking ECOGOLD’s “prevent and reduce” approach!

Showjumper Charlie Jayne rises to the top

Charlie Jayne from Elgin, IL is a rider to watch. At only 23 years-old, he has been earning his place among the top riders in the US since becoming the youngest in history to compete in a AGA Grand Prix at age 13, placing 7th. Last year, he was the 2nd alternate to the United States Showjumping Team for the Olympic Games with Urbanus, his 12-yr old Belgian Warmblood. Earlier this month, he rode Thomas Edison to victory in the $25,000 Charlotte Welcome Stake.
Charlie rides in our Stabilizer halfpad and Frictionless saddle pads: "Urbanus is very sensitive and the ECOGOLD pads keep the saddle from slipping without having to use a breastplate". We were lucky to meet Charlie this winter in Wellington and watch him & Urbanus place 3rd in the Grand Prix. Enjoy watching his ride!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Phillip Dutton at Rolex in ECOGOLD pads!

Here's a video of Phillip Dutton & Connaught riding in ECOGOLD's WitherCare Saddle pad. Warning: this is a professional, don't try this at home. :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Exciting Cross-country!

Last weekend, we travelled to the Fair Hill Horse Trials in Maryland and watched cross-country live for the first time. We had the privilege of seeing in action Phillip Dutton, Boyd Martin and Valerie Vizcarrondo, all riding in ECOGOLD saddle pads.
Phillip was kind enough to test some prototypes for a new XC saddle pad during the show. The new pad will be launched later this year.

Enjoy Phillip's and Boyd's Cross-country rides in the Open Preliminary Division. Filming cross-country was a sport in itself...a lot of "where's Waldo" was involved.

here's Phillip:

and here's Boyd:

WOW! Amazing results for McLain Ward & Ashley Holzer at the World Cup in Las Vegas!

Success for McLain Ward & Sapphire, who ride in ECOGOLD's Forward Flap Hunter pads, finishing 2nd in the Showjumping World Cup Finals and Ashley Holzer & Pop Art, riding in ECOGOLD's Frictionless Dressage saddle pads, get their highest score in history - 79.20 for a 5th place finish. Congratulations!!! - April 18, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ashley Holzer & Pop Art qualify for World Cup

Ecogold-sponsored three-time Olympian Ashley Holzer and Pop Art secured their place at the FEI World Cup Final with a victory in the WEF Dressage Classic Grand Prix musical freestyle at the Palm Beach Equestrian Center on Saturday March 14. Already leading the North American standings, their results qualified them for the 2009 World Cup in Las Vegas.

We had the chance to travel to Wellington, Florida at the end of January and watch Ashley & Pop Art win both the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Freestyle at the CDI-W Gold Coast Opener. Riding in the Frictionless Dressage saddle pad, they performed their Olympic Grand Prix Freestyle scoring 76.250% for the double victory.
“I wasn't feeling very well but nonetheless Poppy really helped me out and did one of the best freestyles he has ever done,” remarked Holzer, who is one of the top ten riders in the world on the FEI Dressage World Ranking List. “It was clean and expressive. His piaffe and passage were fabulous and without tension. His lack of tension enabled me to have a much better walk tour as well.”

Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to achieve a perfect fit

We travel from horse show to horse show and see poor-fitting saddle pads all the time. Not enough by itself, some misguided riders often combine a too-short saddle pad with a thick halfpad, creating even more pressure points.

Here is our latest video, showing how to choose a saddle pad that fits your saddle and horse. Some of the recommendations are basic common-sense and should be obvious, but in practice many riders show with pads that don't fit. It's essential to have a perfectly-fitted pad to avoid pressure points.

So, to recap:

1. Buy a saddle pad that fits your saddle.Ideally, bring your saddle along when you go buy a saddle pad. When you put the saddle on top, you should have about 1.5-2 inches all around your saddle.
2. Remember: cotton shrinks!If you use a cotton pad, make sure to buy it a little too big (2 inches rather than 1.5”) to account for shrinkage. High-tech saddle pads like ECOGOLD's do not contain cotton or poly-cotton so they don't shrink.
3. Careful: forward flaps!Check for a forward-shaped saddle pad if you have that type of saddle.

4. High-withered shape? Get a high-withered pad! Sometimes, riders with high-withered horses get a square pad and pull it up at the front to try to make it fit. A better option is to get a saddle pad with a high-withered shape.

Make sure you can put your hand under the saddle and feel free space at the withers.