Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 2: Gusty winds & a 7th place for Allison!

Day 2 at Burghley was super nice sunny day, except for the gale-force winds. Ok, I'm no meteorologist but it felt like hurricane Bill had decided to cross the pond. At a certain point, I even had to take off my hat, I was so afraid it would end up in the dressage ring while someone was competing.
The nice surprise today was the great perfomance from Allison Springer & Arthur who scored 47.3 to place 7th overall. Yay!!!
Tomorrow is cross-country day and Emma Ford (Phillip's super-groom)suggested I go film near jump 14-15 to get a nice view of a few jumps. That sounds great except it looks like 25 miles away, across a bridge, up a hill...I hope they have nice Land Rovers to take us there! My feet are seriouly killing me from getting lost around the 600+ shops.
Enjoy today's videos!

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