Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fair Hill 2009 - freezing, wet and muddy!

We've been at Fair Hill International CCI since Thursday and the weather has not been cooperating. Everyone is shivering and covered in mud head to toe. Several riders decided to call it a day before the cross-country and not risk an injury. Thankfully, the ones that braved the difficult conditions all made it safely (there were a few falls but nothing serious). ECOGOLD sponsored riders shined! Boyd Martin finished in 1st place and Karen O'Connor and Phillip Dutton tied for second. Here are some videos from today's cross-country and a couple of dressage videos. Enjoy!
Boyd Martin and Remington:

Karen O'Connor and Mandiba:

Phillip Dutton and Kheops du Quesnay:

Kelly List and Mistral - CCI3*:

Boyd Martin and Neville Bardos - CCI3* Dressage:

Karen O'Connor and Allstar - CCI2* Dressage:

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