Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kathy Henderson Lalonde wins Horse Boots!

Kathy Henderson Lalonde is the big winner of our Equestrian Trivia Contest on Facebook. She wowed everybody answering 5 questions correctly with incredible speed.

How did she manage to outmart the competition? “I work very long hours at my completely computer-based job, so I was able to baby-sit my home computer to stay on top of this contest.” says Kathy “I found it a lot of fun.” “Thank you so much for having this contest, it meant a great deal to me. I wanted so badly to win the boots to give them to my daughter Allison. She is very dedicated to the sport of Dressage and works so hard at all times to learn and improve. I attached a photo of her and her horse in the FEI Children's class this summer in Blainville in her ECOGOLD saddle pad.”

We hope that Allison and Dalton will enjoy their new set of Dressage Horse Boots. Congratulations!

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