Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dressage at Blainville CDI - Grand Prix videos

We're at Dressage at Blainville CDI, which if not the biggest, is one of the most important dressage shows on the North American East Coast. With riders still looking to make the team for the World Equestrian Games and the North American Young Riders Championship, it is full of excitement.

This year, a major change: helmets galore! After Courtney King's accident, we've seen more and more top riders sporting helmets in the show ring. In Friday's Grand Prix, there were 5 top riders with helmets: Jacqueline Brooks, Denielle Gallagher, Jaimey Irwin, Lauren Sammis and Sue Blinks. Dressage at Blainville and Equine Canada posted notices on all the bulletin boards to encourage all riders at all levels to wear one. That's a first!

In Saturday's FEI Young Riders class, one of the riders lost consciousness and fell off her horse right before entering in the ring. No helmet! Thankfully, she was ok but it was a reality check for all of us watching that it only takes a split second to have a silly accident with serious consequences.

Enjoy the videos from Dressage at Blainville!

Jacquie Brooks and Gran Gesto - Grand Prix - 2010 Blainville CDI

Denielle Gallagher and Abrikos 2010 Blainville Grand Prix

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