Tuesday, June 29, 2010

O'Connor Eventing Camp 1 - Natural Horsemanship

Yesterday, we were at the 2010 O’Connor Eventing Camp in Lexington, VA. The O’Connor Eventing Team hold a few camps annually, in different locations around the USA. Karen O’Connor and David O’Connor often team up with another instructor, and for this camp, it was top event rider Cathy Wieschhoff. There are about 20 participants, from children on ponies to adults (there’s a rider competing at the CCI1* level).

We expected to see a dressage lesson at the beginning of the camp. Instead, the O’Connor camp starts with a full morning of theory and natural horsemanship lessons. In addition to being a fabulous way to get riders to bond with their horses, they teach the horse to listen to the rider, which results in the horse being more attentive and respond to a gentler aid.

Enjoy the video!

O'Connor Eventing Camp 1 - Natural Horsemanship Techniques

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