Monday, December 20, 2010

Nominate ECOGOLD for Equestrian Social Media Awards!

If you enjoy our videos, Facebook page, Twitter page and everything we do on the social media front, please nominate us for the Equestrian Social Media Awards.

It is very's how:

On Facebook - Click here to go on the Equestrian Social Media Awards Page, you have to "Like it", click on "Post" and write "I nominate ECOGOLD (make sure to @ our page) for best 14. Saddlery and 1.You Tube Channel"

On Twitter - Tweet " #equestriansocialmediaawards and then @ECOGOLD for 14 and 1" 

Voila! It's super easy, doesn't cost anything and it will make Patricia very happy. :D

Once you've voted, come back here and watch these fantastic ECOGOLD videos...

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