Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rolex plans, news and Patricia's ramblings...

And no, I'm not proud.
Warning: this blog post might be a bit on the "less professional/warts and all" side.

First, as I posted on Facebook/Twitter (they're connected), I LOVED our sponsored post on EN today: click here The crazy helmet, shout-outs to our good friends Samantha Clark, Max Corcoran, Chelan Kozak and specially....the cute puppy video! EN John is probably scratching his head and going "uh...really?" Yes, really.

Second, my desk is a mess. >>

but looking for a pen, I found this!
Ok, next piece of business - ROLEX!!!!!!

Tickets? Check! ~ photo: Calina Ritchie
Yesterday, we received an email confirming our trade booth number (69...) and our set up time - Wednesday at 11:00. So it's all systems go.

Here's the thing. Last year, we did some autograph sessions, which were great. But I'm kind of questioning the whole autograph idea for 2011.

This year, I'm thinking "experimental off-off Broadway" un-marketing ideas. More than a "ra-ra-ra look at us", I wanted to find a way to give back to the people who support us.

I did a post a week or so ago about Lower Level riders and sponsorships (article here) after someone wrote on a BB: “It is way past time that the lower level riders started getting some respect from sponsors for the huge buying power we all have.” Even if that wasn't directed at us, it really stuck with me.

Thank YOU for your support
We enjoy great support among professional riders, for which we are extremely grateful. They help us design, test and promote our products and sometimes, they send us heart-warming notes like this. >>

But the great majority of our clients ARE lower level riders. Their business allow us to buy groceries, pay our mortgages and most important of all, they make it possible to come to work, every day, to jobs we love.

Plus, they made us win an Equestrian Social Media Award! :)

So, we wanted to do something special. Here are our ideas.

#1. Smurf-reports

Gonna make some noise!
I thought... how about including Lower Level Riders in our blog? Have them live and breathe the Rolex experience, not only as spectators looking in, but as active participants. Send them on private course walks, introduce them to top riders, grooms... and let them write about it without a corporate filter (not that I have a big one to begin with).

Our Smurf team has been recruited, is getting ready and pretty excited (I'll introduce them next week). I think they will bring a fresh and unique perspective and ammie riders at home will be able to connect with their articles.

How the blog is going to end up is a mystery at this point...might be brilliant, might be a mish-mash of articles. I have never seen a company open their blog to total strangers before, but that's the "off-off-Broadway leap of faith" part.

#2. Instead of autograph sessions, I'm thinking Q&As with top riders...

Last year, when we did autograph sessions, it was a scary mob scene. A very well behaved mob, I have to say, but the whole time, we were wondering if they going to beat us up with a horse boot if they didn't get their autograph before the rider had to leave....
This year, I'm toying with the idea of replacing those with daily, more intimate events with one or two top riders in a Q&A format. We wouldn't necessarily widely advertise them, but we'd post them on Facebook etc... so that people who follow us, have the first crack at it. Kind of our thank you to them.

Whaddaya think?


  1. I love the idea about directing your energy towards the Amateur. The Q&A session sounds fabulous. I won't be a Rolex this year.... competing at Area 1's first event of the season...

  2. The Q&A sessions sound great. I generally avoid the autographing sessions just because they do turn into such a madhouse. I don't really like spending all that time waiting in line just to get a signature and maybe a sentence or two of conversation from the rider. The idea of a Q&A were we can ask questions and get some in depth answers is fantastic.

    The ammie's blogging is great as well. A different perspective on the sport than what we normally see.

    So excited for Rolex and now even more so after reading this.