Monday, March 28, 2011

ECOGOLD's visit to OCET

While in Florida, we had the chance to take 2 days off and decided to spend them at the O'Connor Equestrian Team's winter base in Ocala. Not only, it is a beautiful place but probably the friendliest barn we've ever visited (and we've been to a LOT). It is a very busy operation, but Karen and her team always  make you feel welcome. Starting with this guy...

Brew O'Connor loves Ecogold
Gates of eventing heaven

OCET Barns
Hello! Got any saddle pads for me?
You know you've made it when...
Mandiba is going to Badminton
Max's new brain massage technique (top secret): "Doodle, top 10 at Badminton!"
"I'm so handsome." - Rolex-bound Quintus 54

 M&M jump! They must have seen our video
 The Canadian Eventing Team's training sessions were taking place there at the same time, so there was a big pow-wow of Ecogold riders. A few more pics!

How many 4* riders are in this photo? Answer at the end of the post
Diana Burnett and Rebecca Howard with David O'Connor

Jessica Phoenix

 Karen O'Connor rides in Ecogold Saddle pads and Horse Boots. Click on the photos to view the products.

* There are four 4* riders in the photo: Canada's Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch (riding), Allison Springer, David O'Connor and Karen O'Connor.

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