Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Canadian Eventer Diana Burnett in horse trailer accident

ECOGOLD-rider and our good friend, Canadian Event Team rider Diana Burnett's horse trailer was hit by a tractor trailer last Friday. She was driving back from the Rocking Horse Trials in Florida when a truck on the opposite lane stopped suddenly, to avoid a previous accident, and was hit from behind. The truck lost control of his trailer which hit Diana's truck and trailer from the side. Diana had her dog Ty with her and two horses. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

Here are some pictures.
Diana's smashed pick-up truck

Back of horse trailer
Inside the horse's trailer
Hank had a few scratches
Hank getting some TLC from his owner Molly Clark-Hurley

Diana has not made this accident public on her Facebook page or blog, as she has been quite overwhelmed dealing with the aftermath. The truck and trailer are a complete loss, so providing the information to the insurance company and figuring out how to get to the shows and training sessions is quite challenging. Diana, who went back to the show to ride XC the day after the accident (yep, crazy eventer) told us: "I haven't had time to write anything on my facebook page as I'm trying to get everything else done. But I will say I have been amazed by the support of the eventing community here. Everybody was concerned at the show and is offering help. My neighbour Leslie Law lent me his trailer today and I have to pick up another truck for tomorrow's training session. Now I just have to figure out how to get to Red Hills..."

If you want to help Diana, you can post messages of support on her Facebook Page (please try not to email her for a few days as her blackberry is red hot with messages...). If you want to contribute to help her get a new truck, click on the widget below, which goes into her Paypal account:

"Hi guys. The accident was really scary but we're all ok. All we need now is a new ride to get to the shows and more snacks. - Hank"

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