Monday, May 2, 2011

Cheryl and Calina's Monday Morning Nostalgia

Rumour has it that it's Monday morning and that we are both expected at our respective places of work. Our hearts, however, are still in Kentucky; it was warm there, the grass was green and the countryside was full of horses.

We both had a fabulous time at Rolex this year. While the original plan had been to fly to the UK for Badminton, we are so glad that we ultimately ended up in Kentucky and were able to see Mary King dominate as well as watch so many up-and-coming riders rise to the occasion.

Yesterday morning, as yet more rain poured down, we got up early and headed to the KHP for the final horse inspection. Trudging through the rain (and the mud), I couldn't help but think that only an eventer would consider getting soaked while watching horses trot up and down a strip of roadway as a highlight of the vacation.

Fortunately by the time the first horse trotted up, the rain had subsided. I don't think Mary King's horses cared either way, they were so fresh they practically dragged her around:

Speaking of fresh, Manoir de Carneville looked picturesque while posing for the cameras but quickly let us all know he was ready to play by letting out a quick buck:

Many of the riders refused to let the threat of rain deter them from showing off their jog outfits:

Still others seemed prepared for any poor weather lurking behind the clouds:

Rebecca Howard and Riddle Master seemed to be having a grand time:

All in all a fabulous weekend! We can't until next year, and I'm even somewhat hopeful that I'll manage to edit and sort all the pictures I took by this time next year.

Finally, we would like thank Ecogold. Ecogold played a large part in making this weekend special for us by setting up course walks and interesting Q&A sessions with various riders and we really appreciate it.

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  1. For those of us who couldn't make it to Kentucky, all the online coverage was great. Thanks to Ecogold for their enthusiastic participation in that.

  2. Thank you very much Barbara. Our Ammie Bloggers were outstanding in bringing us the Rolex Experience from a different point of view.