Monday, May 2, 2011

Looking back - looking forward

I apologize for not getting lots more up quicker but internet was slow at my hotel, and we were so busy and so tired when we got back at night! I want to thank Patricia, and Ecogold, for their incredible support. The folks with Southern Stars Saddlery (Clayton Fredericks line) told me they thought Patricia and Ecogold were "the best" when it came to promotion and support! (I loved their saddles, too.)
I watched Sineads' great triumph with a lot of joy and emotion! Who could not, when she covered her face with her hand to wipe away tears of the long struggle, stress, great performance, and gratitude for her lovely horse? But Sinead didn't just get "lucky". As she spoke to us on the course on Friday, this outstanding result for her was the process of a lot of hard work and experience.

(Left, she is explaining the trakehner's question -- that you had to gallop at this nice big fence, but use the immediate left turn after to get the horse back on his feet for the brush drop into the 2nd water, and huge corner out.)
When we went over the Sunken Road, Sinead stopped and explained how she needed to ride that complex. She said she had to be soft going in, not over-ride Tate. Then power out, holding her line. She spoke confidently; she knew her horse could do this, and she had a plan, and was ready to execute. (See the video for how it all worked out.)
 What this showed me is that when you do your homework, you have the experience, and you have confidence in what you are doing --- there can be a successful outcome. It is not strange that Ecogold products are following this same diagram; Patricia knows what she is doing, her textiles perform for horses and riders, and the experience and confidence they have in their products result in success. By the way, William Fox-Pitt was riding in an Ecogold pad, too!
At the double brushes his horse pulled off a left front shoe. Retrieved by the jump judges, as it was the end of the day, some kids asked to see the shoe up close.

Then when I said I thought it was William Fox-Pitts' horses' shoe, they were doubly excited, and posed for this picture -- a four-star event horse's shoe, and a couple of really great Rolex fans!
(the shoe made its way back to the finish area so it could be put back on Neuf de Couers.)

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