Monday, June 27, 2011

Cool pics and Kyle Carter and Sharon White - the long lost interview

First, a cool story about a saddle pad bought to benefit Boyd.

This is Jennifer Pavlinich's horse Buggers (I suppose that's his barn name) showing off his new Ecogold XC pad. Jennifer bought one of the six original pads in memory of the horses lost in the fire. 
Buggers with his "Boyd pad", as we call them here.
What is really special, is that she will use the saddle pad for the first time, this Wednesday at the Boyd Martin Clinic at White North Stable and South Farm in Ohio (clinic info here). How fitting is that?

Then, a couple of pics from our Canadian-sponsored rider based in France, Mathieu Boisselier. He got a sponsorship from Volvo and just received his flashy new ride. Go Canada! (or I should say "Allez le Canada!). Mathieu is planning to compete in the 2* at Pau.

Nice wheels!
The guy in front has a view of the Maple Leaf. Love it!
Third, cool pic here - sent by Trish Bosch and published on our Horse Junkies United blog.

And to conclude this mix-and-match blog post, I have no idea how this happened, but I forgot to upload this interview from Bromont. Here are two of the most fun riders I know: Kyle Carter and Sharon White. Enjoy!

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