Friday, June 3, 2011

Updates and answers on fundraising for Boyd Martin

Boyd and Minotaure du Passoir, one of the horses who was saved
We are getting a lot of emails, so I will post answers to questions, information and updates here.


1) How much of the proceeds are you donating? 
  • 50% of your order will go DIRECTLY to Boyd. So on a $165 saddle pad order, we are donating exactly $82.50. Not a penny less.

2) Can I get a Hunter Pad or a Half Pad instead of the Cross-country Pad?
  • YES. We set up a special Cross-country Saddle Pad as the donated item in honour of the event horses, but you can change it to a dressage, show jumping, hunter saddle pad or half pad.
  • We would prefer that you would place your "charity" order directly on the special item we have set up and if you want something else, just WRITE in the COMMENTS: the item, colour and size. It just makes it easier for us to calculate the donation amount.

3) When is the sale of pads for Boyd's benefit going to stop?
  • Sunday is the last day to place your order. On Monday morning, we will close the fundraising section and send Boyd the check.

4) When will my pad be delivered?
  • The charity pads might take up to 2 weeks to be delivered.  We are receiving a high volume of "charity" orders, on top of our very busy "normal" sales. Please understand that we are trying to get orders out as soon as possible, but this is an unusual situation. We are prioritizing our "normal" orders, as we don't want to penalize clients who are not aware of this fundraiser and just need their ECOGOLD pads for their next show. If you NEED the pad quickly, please write it in the comments and we will do our best.

5) Can I get the saddle pad in colours?
  • At this point, we are out of colours. So white or black are the only options for the saddle pads. If you want to get the Memory Foam Triple Protection Half Pad, all the colours we offer normally are available.

As of 10:45 Friday, we have raised $3547.50. Originally, we thought we would raise $990 with the sale of the 6 saddle pads donated in name of the 6 horses who perished (would have rounded up to $1,000), so anything above that is simply incredible.

Thank you to everyone for being so supportive, kind and generous.

Amber Heintzberger, who coincidentally is ECOGOLD's PR person as well as Boyd's (he found her first!), linked to this video this morning. (I wasn't able to watch the first one that everyone was posting on Facebook two days ago, but I'm glad I watched this one):

May you all gallop atop the clouds in heaven

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