Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ecogold Pads in Full Force at Bromont CCI - XC CCI1* Videos

I lost track of how many Secure XC Saddle pads were spotted in the CCI1* at  the Bromont Three Day Event... but there were lots!

From ECOGOLD-sponsored riders Kyle Carter, Buck Davidson and Doug Payne (sitting in 2nd place with Camerlingo... sold by Ecogold-friend Anita Nemtin-Gilmour) to amateur riders. 

It was great to see the True Prospect Farm riders doing what they love, especially Lee Lee Jones competing in her 1st CCI1* and Abbie Golden, riding Arundel.

Here are a few videos. Enjoy! 

Ecogold-rider Doug Payne and Camerlingo - currently in 2nd place

True Prospect Farm Rider Lee Lee Jones and Model Cadet riding in their first CCI1*

True Prospect Farm Rider Abbie Golden and Arundel

Ryann Quigley and Ardfield Rover

Ecogold-rider Buck Davidson and No More Rocks

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