Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ECOGOLD launches first equestrian Facebook Store!

Yep, we're geeks innovators. ECOGOLD is not only a leader in product design with our high-tech saddle pads and protective horse boots ,but we are the world's first equestrian company to develop and launch a Facebook store. How cool is that?!

When you visit our Facebook Page, you will now find a "Shop Now" button on the left hand side which will allow you to browse our store and buy ECOGOLD products directly on Facebook, using Paypal or any credit card for payment.

So far, reactions from our "likers" (don't know what to call people who like our page) have been very positive:
  • Sqeeeee! Direct shopping!!!
  • Shopping cart? Cool!
  • Shall I set up direct deposit of my paycheck to you? :)
  • I like this new shop new option...there goes my paycheck lol! 
So there you go fellow social media addicts fans! You can now buy ECOGOLD stuff on Facebook. Check it out!!!

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