Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just the facts ma’am – ECOGOLD's textile engineer shares his knowledge

Recently, someone emailed us this question: “Hello ECOGOLD, Have you ever thought of adding ceramic fibers to our saddle pads? 

Our answer: “Dear X, Why would we want to do that? Ceramic is a thermal insulator. Our technology is based on fast moisture evaporation and keeping the equine athlete as cool as possible during work. Adding a thermal insulator (ceramic fiber, wool) would be contrary to that purpose.”

The answer: “Right, that makes total sense. Thank you, you guys are so knowledgeable.”

In this day in age pretty much anybody can design a product, outsource the manufacturing, open a sales office and market it. That is why, you will see a lot of nonsense on labels or websites. Like:

- "Breathable neoprene" = . Unless it is neoprene with holes in it, this to us sounds like "donkey with 5 legs" as neoprene is a synthetic rubber used as an insulation material, most notably in wetsuits. So definitely not breathable.

- "Absorbs 96% of impact" = sounds to us like "this horse jumps clear 96% of the time"...yeah but, how high? in which conditions? since when? Why not 97.32%? What kind of impact? Giving a percentage without any context or a serious study is ridiculous. 

- "Negative Ions in the saddle pad reduce lactic acid buildup and improve blood circulation" =  What???! Seriously, I'm not kidding,...this is for real.

Our company has a strong textile engineering background, so we are deeply rooted in materials and take manufacturing very seriously. Our president John Da Silva has a degree in textile engineering, did post-graduate studies in Germany and has spent most of his life as a technical consultant and CEO of textile companies. He can tell you how Gore-tex was invented, what the difference is between a woven and non-woven fabric and he knows the names of textile machine manufacturers. You will have trouble finding another equestrian manufacturer with that level of technical expertise. So whether it's on our labels, our website or on the phone, we will give you information based on evidence.

Here is John sharing his knowledge at the USEA Area 2 Annual Meeting

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