Friday, February 4, 2011

Why does ECOGOLD use Memory Foam in its Horse Boots and Half Pad?

Someone posted this question on a forum:

“Can someone tell me the theory behind putting memory foam in a horse boot and how it would be helpful? I get the concept in a mattress, but not in a protective boot. Does it have particular shock absorption or breathability properties? This is an honest question, my science brain needs info! Thanks! :-)”

Here is the answer from our textile engineering team:

Memory foam has an open-cell structure that reacts to weight and temperature by 'moulding' to the body of the horse, helping relieve pressure points.
In its products, ECOGOLD uses a special 100% breathable memory foam, as normal Memory Foam can get hot and compress.

Memory Foam was originally developed by the NASA space program in 1966 to ease the pressure of G-forces on astronauts during space shuttle take offs. It never ended up being used in the space program, however memory foam did eventually find its way into medical settings where it was used to relieve bed-bound patients suffering from various pressure sores. It was also discovered that patients who slept on memory foam mattresses generally woke up better rested with less pains and aches than those who did not.

Memory foam in human products is normally always used in combination with other types of foam.  For example in a bed, you need a mattress under the memory foam or you wouldn't get the right support for your back.

Riding a horse is very different from sleeping on a mattress or sitting in a chair. The levels of impact protection, heat dissipation and moisture evaporation required are much greater in equine sports. 

Using memory foam by itself would not give enough impact protection to the horse. Our technology, always combines the memory foam with other shock-absorbing materials.

In the case of our Memory Foam Triple Protection Half Pad, we combine the memory foam with a high-density shock-absorbing open-cell foam and another layer of low density open-cell foam to ensure the best protection of the horse’s back.

In our horse boots, our polycarbonate shield along with the breathable Memory Foam are what ensure the protection of the horse’s legs. See our impact video:

Although memory foam feels very comfortable to a person’s touch, the “secret recipe” to the ultimate protection is obtained with a combination of materials.

Click here to view our products which contain our 100% breathable Memory Foam:


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