Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hail to the groom!

At ECOGOLD, the grooms of our sponsored riders are just as important as the riders, if not more.. They may be unsung heroes as they don't get as much public recognition, but in our world, they are superstars!

Grooms are our go-to people when we design or need to test a new product. They have a wealth of knowledge and very clear ideas of what is best for the horse. When we were designing our horse boots, we asked the top grooms for their input.  One of them joked: "If you want to know anything, ask a groom!".

We see them as the "horse's voice" who tell us right away if a product works or if it needs tweaking. Also, in the barn, they're the ones who know who needs what. So grooms not only play an essential part in the horse world, but also in ECOGOLD's universe. We value their input immensely.

We leave you with a great video where event rider and clinician Cathy Wieschoff  talks about the importance of the groom.

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