Monday, April 25, 2011

2011 Rolex Kentucky - Meet the Social Media Crew - Part Deux (means 2)

WFP in an ECOGOLD pad at Badminton. Sweet!
We're making a pit stop for the night and enjoying a bit of R&R in Ohio, before the last leg of our trop tomorrow.

One more sleep before Kentucky!

Rebecca and Riddle Mast
This afternoon, I received a message from Canadian Rolex rider Rebecca Howard. Here are her thoughts about the competition : 
"This will be my second Rolex, rode Big Wave Dave at the last long format in 2005. We had a super cross-country ride and were sitting in 10th place. Unfortunately, he injured himself and did not present on Sunday.  

The week prior to Rolex is an effort to make sure my horse feels as good as possible, but it is very exciting to now be on route to the horse park again... And with more confirmed skills than last fall at WEG!" ~ Rebecca 

I also had some news from Hannah Burnett, who is getting some nice press from the Kentucky media: "A rider comes home for Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event"... She is already settled in at the Kentucky Horse Park and just waiting for her saddle pads and horse boots to arrive tomorrow, courtesy of moi. Go Hannah! 

Hannah and St. Barths
Just as a teaser... Hannah will be doing something VERY cool for us on Wednesday after the jog, probably at around 5 PM, and she will be joined by one of the most fun Rolex grooms!  Stay tuned on our blog (you are in it), Facebook page or Twitter to find out what we are planning. Fingers crossed, it all works out...

Ok, so let me introduce the last 3 members of our Rolex Kentucky Social Media Crew. As we told you yesterday, we have a team of Ammie Bloggers that will be taking part in special events with Ecogold riders and blogging about their experience at Rolex Kentucky. In addition, we have a Social Media Crew (of eventing-crazy spectators!) that will be uploading news and updates on our Facebook and Twitter accounts all through the weekend. So... it will not only be a lot of fun, but you will get to hear fresh new voices, representing "the spectator's" point of view. Here they are!

“Someone’s got to be enthused to sit through two days of the same halt, rein-back, canter pattern and that will be me. My name is Krisy. I live on the coast of Maine and compete my geriatric Danish gelding at 3rd Level dressage, although I’m starting to play around more with jumping. 
When I’m not riding or working as a marketing exec, I fill my time by running marathons and competing in the occasional triathlon for kicks.

I’ve been an eventing fan for a lifetime. 2010 was my first Rolex experience and I also attended WEG. I am returning to the Horse Park this spring with my husband and our good friend. 
The guys will be stationed at one of those open-bar tents, also known as “Man Daycare,” leaving me free to scurry from warm-up to ringside all day long: completely guilt-free stalking, sorry, reporting. It’s a brilliant strategy that should work for everyone.” ~ Krisy


"Hi, I'm Kate! I am a 25 year old Graphic Designer for an emergency management office, and I live in Rhode Island. I started riding lessons at the age of three in England and have been hooked ever since. I grew up all over the world, but horses remained a constant in my life no matter where "home" was, and I would say I am certifiably horse crazy. I've dabbled in hunters, jumpers, and now I am aiming toward eventing. 

After leasing horses from the time I was 14 until 21, I finally bought my first horse in 2009, a 3 year old OTTB filly named Lucy, and have been retraining her slowly and steadily. Now 5 years old, Lucy has shown an affinity for dressage but she also loves jumping and she is very brave, so I think she will excel as an event horse. She is quite peppy and I have developed a rather good velcro seat, but I adore her and look forward to more adventures with her.

Outside of horses, I love photography and have a small photography/design business on the side. I also am an EMT and have worked in the EMS field for 6 years.

I am so excited to be on the Social Media Crew for ECOGOLD at Rolex this year! I have been to Badminton and a few smaller events as a spectator, but this is my first trip to Rolex. I will be driving with two friends from Rhode Island to Kentucky and I can't wait!! I will do my very best to bring the action to you at home!
For more information about Lucy, check out her blog at" ~ Kate


Lori & Friends of Ferdinand sponsor NASCAR driver Tony Stewart

A somewhat crooked path led me from my first event on my trainers pony when I was 12 to the full blown eventer now. My trainer needed someone to complete a Novice team at the team challenge, so always being the type to say yes I jumped right in with both feet. I had a month to prepare and didn't really know what dressage was. All I can say about my first event was I finished.

Of course I had a blast, but I went down different paths in high school and college focusing on dressage and the hunter/jumper world. (I never missed Rolex the entire time though, even with a broken foot). 

I graduated from the University of Findlay with a double major in English Equestrian Studies and Equine Business management. I then went on to law school at The University of Dayton.

For some reason my time in law school led me to start back up eventing (maybe I became suicidal while reading cases and writing briefs?). I have not looked back in the 10 years since nor have I used my law license. Horses are just better.

Eventing allows me to combine many of my passions into one. I have a deep seated love of thoroughbreds, especially ones that are retired race horses. My dream was always to help re-home many of these fantastic horses and give back to the sport and the animals that give me so much. Friends of Ferdinand  helped me achieve this dream sooner by allowing me to foster horses for them.

Their horses come to my farm where we work with them and start them on the path to a new career. The horses are evaluated and pointed in the direction their personality, conformation, and any physical issues make them suitable for. The horses are then matched up with people looking for a certain type and hopefully adopted when the right person comes along.

These horses adoption fees are a fraction of what the purchase and training costs would be for a similar horse. They are evaluated by a vet, ridden, turned out, and observed by knowledgeable people before they become available for adoption. This creates more security for the new owner and a better situation for the horse. Working with Friends of Ferdinand, inc made my dreams come true faster. Now we just need to get one of them to Rolex..."  For more information, please visit   ~ Lori

What a great team!!!!! The adventure begins on Wednesday....

 Our Ammie Bloggers





Our Social Media Crew 




Got this fortune cookie today... No kidding!    Trade Fair Stand #69 ~   See you in Kentucky!!!!

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  1. Lovin these pictures, I have a quick question i have recently started training for show jumping, my four legged friend does not like going over some of the more higher jumps. My trainer say i need to be more confident in myself and lucy will jump over, is there any other tips you can tell me to help please???