Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cheryl & Calina: Bragging Rights Never Hurt Anyone

During our blogger introductions, Calina mentioned that we follow North American eventing like "some people" follow hockey, football or basketball. Just as those people get hockey pools, March Madness brackets and Proline, we have pools for major three-days. "Some people" may consider this weird, but we think it makes the events even more fun (who knew that was even possible?)!

We have decided to include the link to our pool (yes, we are Canadian) in case any of you would like to join in the fun. While there are no official prizes, just bragging rights, we recommend challenging a fellow eventer to a friendly wager. I might as well mention that Calina is in fact 2-0 in pools so far, but I'm feeling lucky for Rolex 2011!!

I'm off to pack - rainsuit, winter jacket, fleece, windbreaker, Dubarrys, shorts, flip flops... I think I need to have all my bases covered looking at the weather forecast.

I am also packing enough clothing to cover just about any weather eventuality and would like to request that all fellow Rolex attendees make sure to pack all their rain gear. If we all come prepared, the rain will realize that it shouldn’t even bother trying to ruin the weekend, right? Either way, we’ll be there enjoying it all, but I’d prefer to not revisit the rain seen at Rolex in 2002. Much as it was neat to watch Bruce Davidson and Little Tricky jump around that day, I don’t want to ruin another pair of perfectly good shoes. Some of us don’t own Dubarry boots!

Cheryl and I are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning and, if all goes well, we will be on the ground in Kentucky by mid-afternoon. We hope to report in shortly after the first horse inspection. In the meantime, I hope all the equines stay safe and sound.

Photo taken by Calina of Ecogold rider Diana Burnett at Bromont CCI*** 2010.

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