Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arrival day at Rolex Kentucky - Ours.

Jessica Hampf & High Society at Rolex
My day started with a text from Glenn The Geek from the Horse Radio Network inviting me to chat about our Rolex Ammie Experience on the Horses in the Morning radio show. I've been a guest a few times and it's always a blast. Jamie and Glenn are just delightful. You never feel like you are "on a show", it feels like you are just chatting with friends... friends that get up early!

Here's the link to the podcast, I'm at 9:45, so 45 minutes in :  click here

Then we headed to Lexington

The weather has been wet, wet, wet and the forecast doesn't look too good for the next couple of days:  showers and thunderstorms.

Forget wellies. This guy is coming to Rolex prepared
 Later on, we checked in our hotel in Georgetown, Kentucky and were greeted by this sight near the elevator.
Australian WEG Team Shirt thanking the hotel staff... Love the Aussies!
 Then we headed to the Kentucky Horse Park and were greeted by Karen O'Connor (humongous poster).
KOC in Ecogold pad. Yeah!

Then, it was all hugs and kisses - actually, I don't think we hugged or kissed anybody (maybe Sinead... sorry,  I think I forgot in the excitement) - but it was great to see our lovely friends/sponsored riders and their grooms. We spent a little time chatting with them and then, made the rounds playing Santa, delivering the saddle pads our riders will need to compete at Rolex. Ok, let's post some pics in chronological order.

First, we saw Jessica Phoenix's Exploring getting a massage

Then, spent some time with our good friend Diana Burnett

Diana's horse Manny was a little sleepy...
Met Jessica Hampf and High Society (aka Trevor) as they were arriving at the Park
Delivered saddle pads to this Rolex contender: Phillip Dutton's Truluck (aka Milo)
By late afternoon, we learned (through Rolex competitor @leashker on Twitter..follow her!) that tomorrow's jog had been moved from 3 PM to 10 AM due to the weather. As I like to check things for myself, I immediately went to the show office, where it was confirmed. Actually Canadian rider Rebecca Howard told me as she was coming out of the office, having had the same instinct... not that we don't trust Twitter reports or anything...

About the jog. I tried to get a sneak peek of the jog outfits but  most of them were #1. in the car #2. at the campground #3. and some people still had to shop for shoes (you know who you are...)

Jessica Hampf's jog outfit - if it rains, it goes with a cute pastel rainjacket on top

Hannah Burnett's Sunday jog outfit - it's a lucky show jumping day jog jacket. Worn by Steph Rhodes-Bosch last year
Then I checked out who was going to be riding their dressage test in helmets. FEI rules don't require helmets, so it is a question of personal choice from the riders part. Glad to report that all three riders I asked, were planning to ride in their helmet.

Jessica Phoenix and her dressage helmet

Jessica Hampf in her dressage helmet (she will also wear it for cross-country)

The third rider is going to get fitted for a brand new helmet by our friends at Charles Owen tomorrow. THANK YOU Danielle and Roy!!! We will post photos.
A familiar sight around the Rolex Kentucky stables
Sinead Halpin's Manoir de Carneville (aka Tate) has an ECOGOLD banner in his stall to keep him company
Jessica Hampf's GIRLS ONLY sitting room  (except for dad Carl Hampf)
Then, we went out of the barn area and saw the British riders arriving. Saw Oliver Townend and William Fox-Pitt in the enclosed quarantine area for non-American riders.

The non-American horses are stabled in a separate area
 Then, watched as some riders schooled their horses.

Jessica Phoenix and Pan Am hopeful Pavarotti
And finally, found our way to the trade fair to see where our stand is. It is on the upper level, near the media center. It's #69 on the program but beneath a sign that says 116... don't ask. We will set up tomorrow morning and open for business on Thursday.
This is our location. We are setting up tomorrow. See you all on Thursday!

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  1. Great job! Thanks for the updates and pics! I feel like I'm right there thanks to ya'all!