Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sarah's Rolex - It is time to Pack!

My journey to Rolex will officially begin in 2 days! This means it is time to get packing...something a venture to the horse park seems to require a lot of. Rain clothes, cold weather clothes (in case either Kentucky or the Hotel decide to be freezing...) and plenty of warm weather clothes... and shoes. If there is one thing I have learned in my previous trips to the horse park it is that you will not survive if you don’t have comfortable shoes!

Also essential to getting ready to leave is to make sure I have my shopping list! I was a bit disappointed with the shopping at WEG last fall, but am hoping that being in such an eventing heavy setting I will find what I need! Not that you can’t find stirrup leathers just about anywhere. :/ . In light of the ‘impending college graduation’ I have limited my list to the things I actually NEED. (and since I realized the other day that my leathers would probably have gotten me expelled from pony club they are going on the list!) Also on the list is a new helmet and a mega millions winning lottery ticket so I can get the stuff on my ‘I want but don’t need’ list!

Also important in pre-rolex preparations is finding someone to hack my ‘pony’ while I am away. Lucky for me I have sisters who ride and a horse who is level headed enough I won’t worry about either of them heading out together! (Though I will admit I bribed them with promises of picking up extra barn chores if they help me out!)

Finally, one of the most important parts of planning any road trip... reliable(ish) transportation... hmmm that might be a problem. Luckily I though of that possible snafu further than 2 days in advance. Since neither Kyra (my fellow rolex road tripper) nor I would consider our cars ‘reliable’ and the lack of Air Conditioning in mine makes long trips something less than comfortable we are borrowing a car! (Thank goodness for parents with nicer cars, and who care enough not to send us off knowing we may not reach our destination!).

So clothes are packed, shopping lists are made, pony will be ridden, and there is a good chance we will arrive without multiple calls to AAA! All thats left between us and that beautiful Kentucky bluegrass are a few remaining final exams. Bring it on!
I wonder if we will see any of the WEG jumps (like the one above) used in Rolex this year?

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