Friday, April 29, 2011

Calina & Cheryl's Friday Morning Dressage Recap - 2011 Rolex Kentucky

The clouds may look a little daunting in some of the photos but so far it has just been windy and a little chilly here for Friday morning dressage. The rain is thankfully holding off and hopefully the soggy cross country course is drying out. Although very few people were here yesterday morning to see Allison's test on Arthur, the stands were quite full this morning for dressage.

We got here around 9am and headed straight to dressage warmup to see Ecogold rider Hannah Sue Burnett warmup St Barths. She wasn't yet onand looked quite nervous, but her wonderful groom Shannon Kinsley made a few jokes and she relaxed. Her warmup was lovely and coach David O'Connor watched on.

I was so impressed with the horse - I am not sure I have seen him go in person before (at least on the flat). Her test was absolutely lovely and scored quite well despite a few bobbles in the canter work. I cannot wait to see them go cross country tomorrow!

Canadian rider Rebecca Howard and Riddle Master had incredible trot work and canter work until the last serpentine, where a few mistakes made. Despite the bobbles, this WEG combination had an excellent test and are currently the top placed Canadian pair, with just Jessica Phoenix and her WEG mount Exponential to go this afternoon.

The horse that most impressed me (and probably everyone else here) was Tiana Coudray's Ringwood Magister. As she is based on the west coast, this is the first time I have seen them go. He is absolutely stunning and I was thrilled to see them as the new leaders.

Tiana Coudray and Ringwood Magister.

Ecogold rider Karen O'Connor on Quintus 54 went next and put in a solid test. There is clearly room for improvement and it will be interesting to see how this horse looks this time next year.

Karen O'Connor and Quintus

As I sit here in the empty grandstands writing the blog, Rolex is kindly showing clips from the Royal wedding on the big screens. I will continue watching this as Calina finishes editing her pictures for the blog.

Our afternoon plans involve watching Sinead Halpin's warm up during lunch break and then watching the rest of the tests this afternoon.

Don't forget Boyd Martin will be at the Ecogold booth (#69 in the arena) at 1pm for a Q&A and the lovely Canadian riders are doing a Q&A at 5:30pm.

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