Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Badminton News from Team Canada... and ECOGOLD at Stand #112!

ECOGOLD-rider and World Equestrian Games Silver Medallist was kind enough to send me these photos. Team Canada is preparing for Badminton from Maizey Manor, the Canadian UK HQ. The families, as well as Chef d'équipe Graeme Thom and David O'Connor have arrived. So from now on, it's all business.
Team Canada goes for a hack...view from Ollie (Port Authority)
Steph...if your cell phone doesn't work, you have options.
Some from Hawley
The Easter Bunny (aka Ginny)
Canadian HQ

Canadian HQ #2
I'll have some of that horsie beer, please. 
Hawley's dressage lesson with David

Today, Hawley took Ginny for her morning hack, had some "crumpets for breakie", watched Andrew Hoy school his horses and then, dressage lessons with David. Stephanie mentioned that they are having a great time. When I asked if they were ready for Badminton, she said: "will be when we get there!
Also, we have great news!!!! ECOGOLD products will be available at the Badminton Horse Trials at Stand #112 - Kebcote. Our UK partner Horses in Sport just acquired that company and will be bringing some ECOGOLD gear, mostly our cross-country boots. So if you are going to Badminton, stop by Stand #112 at the trade fair and say hello to John and Sophie!

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