Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tracy's Rolex: I can hardly wait!!

I am counting down the hours and minutes until Friday when we enter the front gates of the Kentucky Horse Park and start a whirlwind three day weekend. First stop? The ECOGOLD booth to meet up with the wonderful Patricia and hopefully some of my fellow bloggers (and to pick up my pre-ordered cross country boots!!!!!)!

When I ordered this years Rolex tickets during the WEG pre-sale it seemed like the last weekend in April was light-years away. During the last week or so things seem to have moved in warp speed and I find myself in a frenzy of doing laundry, charging batteries and triple checking that all memory cards are working and empty, and studying the ever changing Kentucky weather in an attempt to be somewhat informed as I toss things from my spring, summer, fall, and winter wardrobe into a bag. Like Holly, I too suffer from F.O.M.S. and have spent hours reading the COTH Jimmy Wofford Rolex preview and every EN, Twitter, Facebook, and blog post about Rolex.

I am now only a good-nights sleep, a 12 hour workday, and an almost seven hour rental car ride away! Who would have thought that it will actually be cheaper for us to rent an economy car and pay for it's gas than to keep filling the tank of an F250 Super Duty?

Better finish packing and go spend a little time with my horse, Festin, since he will be "abandoned" for the weekend! I actually think he will be happy to be spared from the embarrassing de-spooking work that would have been planned (see photo to right)!


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