Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 Rolex Kentucky - Video Q&A Session with Hannah Burnett

We started our Q&A Sessions yesterday, with Kentucky native Hannah Burnett, who is competing at Rolex with St Barths. Sinead Halpin's groom Meg Kepferle asked her the tough questions. Enjoy!

Part 1 ECOGOLD Q&A with Rolex Kentucky rider Hannah Burnett 

 Part 2 ECOGOLD Q&A with Rolex Kentucky rider Hannah Burnett

Q&A Sessions with Top Riders Every Day at the ECOGOLD Stand #69 at Rolex Kentucky

Thursday Q&A's with Karen O'Connor and Hamish Cargill

If you are at Rolex, today Thursday April, 28th make sure to stop by the ECOGOLD booth (in the trade fair arena upstairs near the Media center, booth #69) to be a part of the Q&A sessions. During the afternoon dressage break Karen O'Connor will be answering your questions and at 5:30pm Hamish Cargill will do the same! Don't miss this great opportunity to learn about their horses and get training tips from the pros!

Friday Q&A's with Phillip Dutton and Boyd Martin

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  1. I'm loving this Q&A... Hannah Burnett is soo impressive and Meg... awesome interviewer... so much fun! Thanks!