Thursday, April 14, 2011

ECOGOLD's 2011 Rolex Kentucky Ammie Experience - The Crew Part 1

I've been keeping our top secret Rolex plans under wraps for weeks, but now I can reveal some news. There will be many more announcements and surprises...but I figured let's start now before we all get Badminton-app-crazy 24/7.

Plus everyone involved in this project is sooo excited, that it is hard to wait another day.

Ok, ready? "Ta-daaaah!" Cue "helmet cam" video, courtesy of Holly.

This year, we've decided to put the lower level amateur rider at the center of our Rolex Experience. As I referred to in another post, we have recruited a team of ammie riders that will  live and breathe the Rolex experience, not only as spectators looking in, but as active participants. We will send them on private course walks, introduce them to top riders, grooms... and let them write about it without a corporate filter (not that I have a big one to begin with).   They will bring a fresh and new perspective, which I believe other ammie riders will connect with. 

I don't want to get all mushy, but I  feel truly privileged to finally start introducing them. Their generosity and enthusiasm these past few weeks, has blown me away more than once, and they have made my life (stuck in an office and not going to Badminton!) a LOT more fun!

Without further ado, let's start meeting the crew. Here are our first 3 bloggers (there are 8 total) in their own words...gotta make them work for those M&Ms!


Holly - Photo courtesy: Josh Walker/Red Horse Media
"“I've been eventing since the early ("ahem") 80's, starting on the west coast, rode to Intermediate level, trained with everybody including Jack Le Goff, and now ride on the east coast in the great big Area II region. I volunteered at the 1984 Olympic Games, and covered Rolex for Horse and Hound way back in 1984 and visited again in 1985, but then took a really long time to get back to Rolex, in 2009. 

The picture at the very top of Eventing Nation, the one with all the people and a little tiny horse in the middle, was taken by me, and I donated it to John when he started Eventing Nation in the fall of 2009.

I've been riding and training horses over 40 years, writing about them and covering equestrian events and issues on and off for about the same amount of time, and been published in several books and many horse magazines all over the world. 

I had a general race horse trainers license in the 90's, have competed in three countries, and currently have just one really great Thoroughbred gelding I foxhunt and event to Training level ( 2009 Area II open training level champion, Rugby.) Oh, and I'm still volunteering! If you see me, say hi when you ride by on cross-country!” ~ Holly


“Girl + Horses + Eventing + University getting in the way + Starting a career + A 10 year eventing hiatus + A successful return to riding 2 summers ago = ME!!
Hi everyone - my name is Carrie. I'm 29 (and have 3 years experience saying that) and live in a small town about an hour East of Toronto, Ontario called Cobourg.  Originally, I am one of Canada's East Coasters and grew up in a tiny place called Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.  I have a very hot red head in my life - tall, lean, gorgeous, insanely smart, gorgeous (did I say that already?!) and his intelligence scares me to death. (And, on top of that, I also have a fiance who doesn't quite understand why I spend so much time with the 'donkey'.)  

This is my first EVER trip to Kentucky, to Rolex and I am so excited about it, I don't even know where to begin! I pretty much am sitting here vibrating!!!!  I am equally as excited to be sharing with you all that experience as a guest blogger for Ecogold.   My countdown has already started.  Has yours?!


“I'm a former midwest farmer's daughter, and a Texan by marriage, who has wanted to "do" eventing since I read a book about Bruce Davidson as a child in Ohio. I now live near Lubbock TX and teach rhetoric and technical communication at Texas Tech University. 

My dream of "doing" eventing was fulfilled about five years ago when I went to my first schooling horse trial in Dallas, and two years ago, Julia Denton, Donna Hamilton, Nicole Davison and I won the Novice Adult Team Challenge at the Kentucky Horse Park (where it's always been a dream of mine to ride).  Finally, my goal of "Training by 50" was realized last year, and now I'm thinking about a T3DE.  

When I'm not dealing with students, my two teenage boys, researching, or teaching, I compete in Area V on My Shamrock Paddy, my Irish Sport Horse "horse of a lifetime" (even though the closest event is a 5.5 hour drive!).  My brother lives in Paris, KY, and so I come to visit him and his family every April, just in time for Rolex, where I've been a fence judge since 2005.  I blog Rolex every year, and I try to blog my clinics: I'm excited to be here with Ecogold!” ~ Becky

Ok that's all for now, tune in for more Ammie Blogger Profiles tomorrow! 

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