Friday, April 15, 2011

Part 2 - ECOGOLD's 2011 Rolex Kentucky Ammie Experience - Bloggers

Yesterday, we introduced our first three bloggers taking part in ECOGOLD's 2011 Rolex Kentucky Ammie Experience (read about first 3 bloggers here). Here are our next three. The first two will be working as a team. Calina is an amazing photographer and her photos can be found... on the cover of our catalog (Canadian Team on the podium) and she also took this cool one of Rebecca Howard at the World Equestrian Games.

Rebecca Howard /Calina's photo
Canuck awesomeness! / Calina's photo


“Hi everyone! We are very excited about blogging for Ecogold while at Rolex this year. I haven't been to Rolex since 2002 because university exams and then tax season (I'm an accountant) have gotten in the way. A new job with a bit more flexibility means Rolex is a go for this year! However, as my co-blogger and photographer extraordinaire Calina will tell you, the original plan was actually a trip to England for Badminton but my new job wasn't quite that flexible.

I started eventing about fourteen years ago and although I haven't competed during the last couple of years, I remain very involved in the sport. I organize the annual awards banquet, I volunteer in every and any capacity at every local horse trials, I am organizing a clinic with Ecogold rider Sinead Halpin in Ottawa this spring (May 14-15), and am working towards finishing my Technical Delegate accreditation this summer.” ~ Cheryl


“Of course, what Cheryl has neglected to mention is that we both follow the North American eventing scene like some people follow the NHL, the NBA or the NFL. Our particular obsession seems to be less socially acceptable, but it’s infinitely more fun. Cheryl is also a rule-guru and can be counted on to point out fun FEI factoids.

Like Cheryl, I haven’t evented in a number of years. It turns out that undergrad followed immediately by law school is both time consuming and expensive. While I haven’t jumped back into horse ownership since graduating, there are some generous horse people in my life that make sure I always have something to ride, and I am now learning to balance litigating and riding.

I can’t comment on the Badminton trip yet. The wound is still too fresh.

Finally, it turns out that the one big downside of being the go-to photographer is that I never end up in any pictures. When Ecogold’s Patricia asked me for a photo, I discovered that the most recent one I could find was more than ten years old and featured petal bell boots. Yes, I was once that cool.” ~ Calina


Tracy and... looks familiar but can't remember his name
“Hi, my name is Tracy Porter and I have been obsessed with all things horse since I begged for my first riding lesson when I was six.  My love of eventing was sparked by the movie Sylvester and I must have watched it until the VHS tape wore out when I was younger.  I am an avid stalker (oops, I mean avid follower) of Eventing Nation.   
I have owned horses for almost my entire life and currently own a 16.3h off the track thoroughbred who is perfecting his flat work basics and hoping to move on to local combined training and horse trials.  
Rolex has been my mother/daughter weekend with my mom since 2006 and I wouldn’t dream of missing it for the world.  I have a passion for photography and recently started my own photography business, so I promise to keep you updated with lots of pictures to document the “Rolex experience”.” ~ Tracy

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