Friday, April 1, 2011

Shocking Turn of Events! New US coach resigns

The saga for the USEF Search for Eventing Chef d'Equipe/Technical Advisor continues. Less than 8 hours after his appointment as US coach, Bounce, the former Canadian Eventing Team advisor, has announced his resignation.

A secret source revealed information about a family tie between Bounce, the newly appointed US coach, and Buck Davidson a member of the USEF Eventing Eligible Athletes Committee.

According to the source, Bounce was bred by Bruce Davidson Sr.

The Davidson family connection would constitute a clear conflict of interest, as Buck did not recuse himself during the committee's proceedings.

Bounce released this statement a few minutes ago:

"After much discussion and thought, I have decided to resign from the USEF Chef d'Equipe/Technical Advisor position. For the good of our sport, I feel it is best to move on and for the new coach to be selected and to unite behind him."

So what happens now?

The Eligible Eventing Athletes Committee are not only considering the remaining applicants, but also welcome new applications. They want to do more research and consider all possible options, before they make their recommendation to the Eventing High Performance Committee.

Phillip Dutton, the Vice-Chair of the Eligible Eventing Athletes Committee, is now chairing the committee.

"We would ask anybody interested in applying for the position, to please send an email directly to" said Dutton. "We want to make the best choice and look forward to another round of applications and interviews. We are also reviewing other applicants that were not short-listed by the Search Committee and are considering them as well."

So the search continues....
"Would loffff to be US coach, but my mommy won't let me" ~ Bodie Springer
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