Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cheryl & Calina's Thursday Morning Dressage Recap

Yesterday morning we got up insanely early to catch 6am flights to
Cincinnati. As Calina was flying on Airmiles and I was not, we had
different flights. I made it on time at 11am and Calina..... did not.
After missing her connection in Toronto due to fog, she was rerouted
to Charlotte and then finally Cincinatti. This wasn't all bad - it
meant I got to pick up the rental car and don't have to suffer through
Calina's terrifying driving all weekend (she'd argue she is an
excellent driver).

After killing 4 hours in WalMart, I picked up Calina and our other
travel buddy Shannon and we made the 1 hour drive to the Horse Park.

We arrived just in time for some beautiful weather (see picture), to
meet the famous Hamish picking up his saddle pads and for Hannah Sue
Burnett's Q&A at the Ecogold booth.

Thankfully when we woke up this morning it was beautiful skies.
Allison Springer was first in the ring and did a lovely test on Arthur
to sit in 1st at the Thursday lunch break. I was also very impressed
with both Jessica Phoenix and Diana Burnett's tests.

Enjoy some pictures courtesy of Calina (more on the Ecogold Facebook
page later tonight).

Allison Springer on Arthur - currently in the lead

Phillip Dutton on Fernhill Eagle


Jessica Phoenix on Exploring - who we are very excited to course walk with later today

Diana Burnett on Manny

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