Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ecogold's Badminton Preview - Canada's Dream Team!

For those who never read our blog, Facebook page, or live on a deserted island...ECOGOLD riders, World Equestrian Games Silver Medallists and lovely human beings, Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch and Hawley Bennett are heading to Badminton.

So far, their preparation for the event has been going really well. Hawley just finished in second place at Galway CCI3* this weekend and Stephanie is competing at The Fork, for one last run, before flying out on Wednesday (from Atlanta).

Stephanie sent me this message today: ""just had a SWEET jump/xc /gallop!"

I spoke to Hawley this afternoon, and she said: "We were second at Galway and it was the best cross-country ride we've ever had. Ginny was full of confidence. It was the perfect preparation". About her travel plans: "We fly out from LAX to Amsterdam on Wednesday. We spend a day in Amsterdam, which should be fun, and then we take the Chunnel to England."

When I asked what she was doing from now until their departure, she said: "We're keeping everyone bubble-wrapped!" Today, she was told her Badminton number... #55: her lucky number!

Hawley is not only a great competitor, but she never forgets to thank her supporters: "Thank you to everyone involved in my amazing weekend!!! I had super star ponies, fabulous girls at the barn helping, stellar performances from my students and great owners who made 700 jello shots!!! We raised some $$ to help off set the cost of BADMINTON!!!!!! I am a very lucky girl to have such awesome, supportive people in my life :)"

Hopefully, Steph and Hawley will continue on their successful streak and finish in the top 10 at the Badminton Horse Trials. Hawley has been working hard and hopes to finish on her dressage score (hopefully 44). In January: "I'm not going to Badminton to canter around Badminton. I'm going for some prize money and a blue ribbon." Stephanie's plans are also along those lines... So watch out world.

Here's a short video interview where Stephanie and Hawley discuss their Badminton plans (taped in January).

In order to fund her trip to Badminton, and her Olympic dreams next year, Stephanie has decided to offer for sale four shares in her horse Port Authority. If you want to get involved in this exciting opportunity and be part of one of the world's best teams! Click here for all the details>>.

For your viewing pleasure, here's a video of Hawley Bennett and Gin & Juice at WEG.

Last month's Canadian Team Jumping training session - Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch

a few photos from our visit to Stephanie's barn in Ocala, Florida.

Stephanie and Ollie
"I'm awake! I'm awake!"

Cute face

Bath time!

All clean

Hawley Bennett and Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch ride in Ecogold Saddle Pads and Horse Boots. Click on the photos to view the products.

Go Canada!

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