Friday, April 29, 2011

Cheryl & Calina’s Dressage Recap – The Top 10

Dressage at Rolex is over and there are 3 Ecogold riders in the top 10. The scores for the top 10 are:

1st – Tiana Coudray on Ringwood Magister (40.8)

2nd – Mary King on Fernhill Urco (41.7)

3rd – Allison Springer on Arthur (42.3)

4th – Mary King on Kings Temptress (47.7)

5th (tied) – William Coleman on Twizzel (48.2)

5th (tied) – James Alliston on Jumbo’s Jake (48.2) (unfortunately we didn’t manage to get any pictures of James’ ride on Jumbo’s Jake – we were too busy watching his lovely test. We do have a picture from yesterday’s test on his other ride Parker).

7th – Kim Severson on Tipperary Liadhnan (48.5)

8th – Ecogold rider Sinead Halpin on Manoir de Carneville (48.7)

9th – Ecogold rider Boyd Martin on Remington XXV (49.0)

10th – Ecogold rider Clayton Frederick’s on Be My Guest (50.2)

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